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Islamic Mysticism

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The site of velaayat does not belong to any political parties, and it expresses the religious path of Imam Ali(Peace be upon him) and the thoughts and way of having a unidirectional ideology of Islamic mystics.

* velaayat by dictionary definition means guardianship, custodianship and supervision.

* velaayat from mystical perspective: Islamic mystics unanimously acknowledge Imam Ali(peace be upon him), the first Imam of the Shiite, as the spiritual guardian and custodian chosen by Allah.

* Four arch-names of Heidar-e-Karrar Hazrat-e-Imam Ali(PBUH):

* Illiah means the helper of the prophets in their spiritual leading

* Abou-Torab means the father or guardian of the earthly world chosen by Allah.

* Abou-Al-Hasan means the father of Imam Hasan(PBUH), the second Imam of the Shiite.

* Ali is one of Allah's names which means Supreme, Lofty and Great.